Apparently, writers are supposed to have a short blurb about their writing, like it’s any of your business to begin with. However…

It kind of is. Behold.

My Current Writing Project

Title: The Silvershaw of Glenborn (pending)

Synopsis: …?

(Who needs them, anyway?)


The forest does not forget.

In the Starlit Age of the Realm called Silver, when the bone of the perishable and blood of the undying mingled together in the streets of the same city, the trees watched. When oaths were taken and kinships formed between mortal and immortal, the trees stood witness. When battles waged and those of earth and those of heaven stood together to the bitter end, though the field ran red with death and the corpses were too many to count, the trees guarded the fallen.

And the trees remembered.

The trees were there when the ancient kings fell. They saw the decay of time and friendships. They watched the world grow dark, and the blood of mortality and immortality slowly part. They looked on as humans came into the world as babies and went out of it withered and old, while the Faeries lived on, ever young, retreating into themselves and the forests, never to be seen unless the world was in peril.

Oaths were broken. Kinships forsaken. Friends forgotten. Alliances died and races became strangers to one another.

The forest saw it all.

And the forest remembers.

Progress: Somewhere in the rewriting stage.

In Short: Don’t expect to see it on your library shelves any time soon.


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