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The Enigmas of an Introvert’s Notebook

Writers are an odd lot. Yes, I know, statement of the century. But seriously. We wander around graveyards with the express purpose of stealing dead people's names, space out of conversations to contemplate which innocent character we're going to murder next, and hurt ourselves on purpose so we can "know what it feels like". (At… Continue reading The Enigmas of an Introvert’s Notebook


The Lion’s Call

Guys, it finally happened: I failed. I spent three days writing something I thought was brilliantly clever. I finished, still feeling brilliantly clever. I reread it, expecting to be blown away by how smart and brilliant and clever I was. Before you start judging my arrogance, let me put your mind at rest: It was… Continue reading The Lion’s Call

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A Poem of Despair

I'm back. And to be perfectly honest, I don't really know how to write a second blog post. I mean, the first one's great; you introduce yourself and spout some random junk about “goals” and such, and then leave in a cloud of sparkles. You can't do that with a second post. So, instead of… Continue reading A Poem of Despair