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Wild Road Trips and Prince Caspian Productions—Part 3

You thought I was done, didn't you? HA. Nope. I'm going to drivel on a bit more. See, on our way home from Greenville, we found the COOLEST little town in North Carolina. We stopped to eat, and take a walk through this park thing which turned out to be a college campus. (Oops.) There… Continue reading Wild Road Trips and Prince Caspian Productions—Part 3


Soggy Photography

You may have noticed that I didn't do a post last week. I could launch into an extensively detailed explanation of why I chose not to write anything, but I think I'll spare you that account. The long and short of it is... I didn't feel like it. So there. Today, you get some more… Continue reading Soggy Photography


Poison-Ivy Photography

Spring has sprung, and all those who witness it are eternally grateful. Except polar bears. But I digress. Anyway, yesterday was such a nice day that I made the fatal mistake of exercising my rusty ---*cough cough* nonexistent---outdoors-man skills. This generally entails stepping one toe outside the door, swatting at the bugs, and hopping back… Continue reading Poison-Ivy Photography