Message from a Dust Speck

Let us take a moment of silence to accept that summer is pretty much over and September is already upon us. Thank you.     Did I mention school is starting for me soon? *dies* Did I mention school is a terrible, terrible thing, even for a homeschooler? *dies again* The approach of said school… Continue reading Message from a Dust Speck


A Brief Lesson on Canadian Culture

At this point, you all know that I'm a nut-case and speak sarcasm like a second language. You may also know that my sister Anna is an epic person who belongs in Lord of the Rings, and my mother identifies with a Mop. But something you may not know about me is that once upon… Continue reading A Brief Lesson on Canadian Culture


Poison-Ivy Photography

Spring has sprung, and all those who witness it are eternally grateful. Except polar bears. But I digress. Anyway, yesterday was such a nice day that I made the fatal mistake of exercising my rusty ---*cough cough* nonexistent---outdoors-man skills. This generally entails stepping one toe outside the door, swatting at the bugs, and hopping back… Continue reading Poison-Ivy Photography