Broken Bones, Murdered Fish, and Mom’s Stellar Painting Suggestions

Lately, I've been feeling the insatiable urge to paint a masterpiece. Which is great, if you know what to do it of. Which I didn't. As usual. So I did what any self-respecting teenager would do---I turned to my mother for help. WHY, I don't know, since she never suggests anything decent (AKA anything I… Continue reading Broken Bones, Murdered Fish, and Mom’s Stellar Painting Suggestions


Survival Trivia With My Father

One night last week, we lost power during a storm. ... Nope, Anna would classify that as a boring start. I'll try again. During a single period between sunset and sunrise, those of my kindred blood and I lost all electric capabilities during a vociferation of nature. Yeah. I think I'm just gonna go with,… Continue reading Survival Trivia With My Father


Poison-Ivy Photography

Spring has sprung, and all those who witness it are eternally grateful. Except polar bears. But I digress. Anyway, yesterday was such a nice day that I made the fatal mistake of exercising my rusty ---*cough cough* nonexistent---outdoors-man skills. This generally entails stepping one toe outside the door, swatting at the bugs, and hopping back… Continue reading Poison-Ivy Photography