I am an artist. Which you probably already picked up on by now. So here’s some specimens of my work.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! And all that stuff. This was done in charcoal. (There’s your random useless fact of the day.)


Don’t ask me what the blue armadillo thing in the bottom left corner is, because I don’t know.


Mary and baby Jesus. (If you couldn’t already figure that out…)


Yes, she’s supposed to be blue. It’s this little thing called “Lighting”.


Please ignore K-2SO. I was so done with this picture by the time I got to him that I didn’t even try.


“The Light of the Evenstar does not wax and wain…” and all that jazz. In case you’re wondering what the weird little white stripe at the bottom is, it’s just me, being the prideful person that I am, trying to avoid cutting my signature out of the picture. Look and learn, kids. This is why you incorporate your name into the composition.


A simplistic specimen of my relationship with God.


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