I know not who you are, or how you came to find me, but may I just say…


The name’s Sarah. Sarah Baran. I’m here to enlighten the world about a whole ton of things it probably doesn’t care about. If you don’t want your mind blown into thousands of little pieces of glitter by an aspiring author’s snark and brain-children, I would suggest calling it a day and leaving now.

You’re still here?

Well, I suppose I’ll have to tell you what I’m about. I’m a writer. I’m an artist. I’m a seventeen-year-old crazy person. I’m an appreciator of the evil cackle done right. I like to turn peoples’ minds to glitter.

In short, I am Galadriel.

I post every Thursday, sharing bits of my writing, funny stories from my life, and other little random things that haven’t a name. I like to look at the world through a different lens than most, turning boring situations into a hilarious tales and drawing deep life-lesson from seemingly trivial moments in life. I love the little things of living, be it my wacko family or my terrible story-building structure or my obsession with Lord of the Rings. It’s my aim to prove that one doesn’t need to be a superhero or a hobbit to have an epic life.

Aaaand I usually let loose a string of snarky cracks along the way. I just can’t seem to resist. Don’t judge me. However, I will attempt to keep my readers minds intact—or at least, partly so.

*creepy smile* I make no promises.

Some random and mostly unimportant details about myself, because I’m sure you want to know:

  • I am first and foremost a child of God, and I seek to honor Him in every escapade I embark upon. (This is not one of those unimportant details, just so we’re clear. This is the most important detail.)
  • I am second and secondmost a homeschooler, which I think any person ought to be if they can possibly help it.
  • I am as scarce as a unicorn, or so I hear. My MBTI personality type is INTJ, one of the rarest in the world. I’m extremely proud of it.
  • I once pretended I was a Canadian for a couple years.
  • I won second place in the second division of Patrick Henry College’s “A Call to Pens” short story contest, a pinnacle moment in my life that I’m told won’t often repeat itself.
  • My internal voice speaks in a British accent. It’s weird.
  • I once took a quiz to see which Avenger I would be. It turns out, I’m not an Avenger at all. I’m this guy:


If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about me, the fact that I’m really happy about it should.

So there you have it, folks. Welcome to the crazy inner workings of my brain! 17% usefulness, 83% Lord of the Rings, and -30% sap, because I hate that stuff!

Go away now.



Shield Maiden with a Plaid Shirt
I call this one, “Shield Maiden in a Plaid Shirt”.